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Tech Task #3

The First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama spoke to a school in London, England. She conveyed a message to the girls of the school. Michelle Obama’s message incorporated the elements of hope, destiny, principles, ethics and history. All of these elements in her message equaled empowerment. The First Lady believed empowerment was found through Education. She believed Education needed to be accessible for boys and girls so the health of the communities, countries and the world will continue to prosper in the twenty-first century. Michelle Obama also believes that women are the center of these communities and countries. She feels that empowered women are at the center of the family. She continues on by listing famous women who have contributed to feminism such as, Frida Kahlo, Mary Seacole, and Emily Bronte.

I agree that an outstanding Education is a factor that contributes to the health of the world. Since Michelle Obama has come from humble beginnings, I as a teacher believe in her vision that through hard work, commitment and determination you can live a life of purpose.

While The First Lady believes that women of the past have brought equality to our society, according to Macleans Magazine, the next generation of girls has a different perspective. In “Outraged Moms, Trashy Daughters” the role models for young girls are not found in politics and literature, but rather Jersey Shore and Grey’s Anatomy. Michelle Obama’s message is an inspiration to students, outlining that Education is the basis of achieving your dreams, however, the next generation may need some reminders of what feminism started out to be.


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