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Tech Task #2

What is the role of the teacher/school in the teaching of safety and appropriate use of social media?

Social Media is rapidly blending into society as a means of communication, education, creation, and representation. As Teachers, our goals change as Social Media changes and becomes more prominent in students lives. Therefore, students must be educated on proper conduct and behavior within Social Media. This education will ensure that disrespectful conduct including, Sexting, Cyberbullying, and Defamation are limited if not erased. Such conduct could possibly be monitored through filters and censoring, however, most filter codes are not unbreakable.

Teachers must continue to educate students on the proper conduct of using Social Networking Sites (SNS). Issues such as privacy, use of information and profiles need to be handled properly when used on the internet. By implementing instructions and the use of pseudo social networking sites, we can educate students to use technology as a productive tool rather than a destructive force.

With the traditional role of Teachers going from “control” to “influence”, we as teachers must be aware of how to proceed as an acting influence within the classroom. A Teacher must work within the twenty-first century networking environment. It is only by understanding and educating ourselves in Social Media and (SNS) can Teachers be aware as well as implement technology in the classroom. There are some Teachers who already have a grasp of how to incorporate Social Media and (SNS). If we can follow Justin Lim’s way of accepting technology, we will be one step closer to releasing respectable and professional students.


How the classroom has advanced.The Comtemporary Classroom


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