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Door Scene Take 2

This is another version of our Door Scene. The music makes it more tragic.


Door Scene

An ECMP 355 video project that builds tension, growing panic and resolution. The project included – Joel.T, Michael Chobot, Adam Williams.

Relating Technology to Science

Here is a Mythbusters video that focuses on the theory “Can a CD explode in your computer?”. Using contemporary examples from modern day scientists, Teachers can dispel the myths of how Technology relates to the subject of science.

Should Education subjects incorporate Video Game Technology?

As contemporary Teacher, we are expected to continue our Education on the learning benefits of incorporating technology in the classroom. Students are being Education with technology as part of their lives and we as Educators must realize students learning abilities are quite different in the 21st Century. The following articles reveal how Schools in Canada and New York are using Video Games as a Modern Teaching Tool.

CBC:Schools use video games as teaching tools,

Popular Science: A New School Teaches Students Through Videogames ,

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