The goal of this blog is to provide contemporary Educational knowledge and learning through the means of technological interaction and social language.

Boyd’s YouTube video on “Teenagers who are Living and Learning with Social Media” explains the social networks of MySpace and Facebook. She assures the audience that today’s teenagers have not changed from previous generations – the only difference she emphasizes is their social interactions occur online. Boyd reveals the separation of teens by class in the United States. Lower class use MySpace while upper class use Facebook. She defines the word “friend” as a network of people you interact with online which is separate from “close friend”. The word “acquaintance” has been replaced with “friend”. Boyd talks about how social media can be used to send a message; however, that message can be re-interpreted. She touches on the Star War kid and how this video was not intended to be modified from its original state. Boyd cautions teachers that students must be educated on the use of technology. I feel Boyd brings to light several youth issues that I never experienced for myself while growing up. Research into technology is key when educating students on proper uses of social media and social network sites.


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